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Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka


‘Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka’  - South Asian Astrobiology & Paleontology Research Unit was established in 2011     and we are one of the leading institutions which conduct academic level courses and researches on Eco Astronomy(1)  fields which related to Astrobiology.(1) Eco Astronomy which describes the origin, evolution and existence of life in the universe is being newly developed research area in Sri Lanka. Therefore this disciplines representing  as a kin subject to interpreting comparative model  for any harbor life organism .( Aravinda et al 2016). 

Dr. Aravinda Ravibhanu was the first to set out a harbor life  explained by a union of the general theory  of Eco Astronomy  mechanics & concepts. We contribute to enhance the knowledge about Eco astronomy by organizing programs and seminars to aware the Universities & Academic Research.


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