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Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka

‘Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka’ was established in 2012 and we are one of the leading institutions which conduct courses and researches on eco astronomy  fields. We contribute to enhance the knowledge about eco astronomy by organizing programs and seminars to aware the school children. Our aim is to confirm science related research through biology, chemistry , and physics constituent as well as environmental science and astronomy.This unit has been divided to 4 aspects and this unit is being worked in Sabaragamuwa and western province by now.
1) Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka (controlling unit) Rathnapura. 2) Space, Eco Astronomy project development and launching unit (Eheliyagoda) 3) Eco Astronomy examination unit (Kuruwita) 4) Space and Eco Astronomy –Apprentice trainee and courses coordination unit-Rathnapura


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